ZPtropin HGH 120iu ZPHC



ZPtropin HGH 120iu ZPHC

ZPtropin HGH 120iu ZPHC is the Somatropin product for subcutaneous injections. In bodybuilding this synthetic HGH is frequently used during muscle gain cycles. It is sold in vials containing 12IU of the active ingredient each. A pack holds 10 vials.

Experienced athletes frequently buy Somatropin to achieve ultimate bulking results. But you should keep in mind that receiving and following the recommendations on the HGH daily dosage and cycle plan from your doctor is a must.

ZPtropin can also be included in the PCT.

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This item can be shipped within the territory of the USA only. You will receive the package in 2-6 days after you place the order.

Feel free to contact our consultant via the online form in case of any questions about the characteristics or the use of ZPtropin.


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