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Buy Mphp-2201 Online otherwise called 5F-MMB-PICA, 5F-AMB-PICA, and I-AMB) is a strong indole-3-carboxamide based engineered cannabinoid, which has been sold as a creator drug and as a functioning fixing in manufactured cannabis blends.[2] It was first announced in Russia and Belarus in January 2014, yet has since been sold in various different nations. In the United States, MMB-2201 was distinguished in Drug Enforcement Administration drug seizures without precedent for 2018


Mphp-2201 is the indole center simple of 5F-AMB. Engineered cannabinoid mixes with an indole-3-carboxamide or indazole-3-carboxamide center bearing a N-1-methoxycarbonyl bunch with appended isopropyl or tert-butyl substituent, have end up being significantly more risky than more seasoned manufactured cannabinoid mixes recently revealed, and have been connected to numerous passing in Russia, Japan, Europe and the United States Buy Mphp-2201 online.


More studies Buy Mphp-2201 online for sale

It is a new substituted canthione, and has never been reported on in scientific publications. However, its close relatives pentylone and butylone, which are Schedule 1 drugs, have been studied [2]. According to research published in “Psychopharmacology” in 2019, scientists looked at the effects of these substances in the brains of rats. They found that significant changes in neurochemistry occurred, characterized by elevated dopamine uptake and stimulated motor activity. Buy Mphp-2201 online

 Mphp-2201 chemical legal around me?

This is not known to be a controlled substance in any major jurisdiction. It is fairly new on the market and has not yet attracted a great deal of attention. However, it may well fall under the ‘blanket bans’ some countries like the US and UK have enacted against analogues of illegal or controlled substances.

It is at all times the customer’s responsibility to fully understand the laws and regulations of their country. You are responsible for ensuring that your order is fully compliant, and bear the risks of failing to do so. Doctor Chemistry does not and cannot undertake to do this for you.   Legal cannabinoids drug profile.

MDPT is a research chemical and is sold only in the context of in vitro research or as a comparison sample. It should not be allowed into the hands of untrained personnel.


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